Slikie Chicken Accessories

best silkie chicken coopsWhat are the best accessories for Silkie chickens?

Because Silkie chickens don’t fly and are smaller than some of the other chicken breeds out there it is very important that you take this into consideration when choosing what chicken pen and feeders you will get.

I happen to own three different breeds of chickens two of which are a lot larger then my fluffy Silkies. I found a wonderful chicken pen that worked really well for my larger chickens but needed some modifications to suit the small size of my fluffy bumed friends. One which was creating steps up to the nesting box and a lower perch for them to roost on at night. I hadn’t actually thought of this when making my purchase as a first time Silkie chicken owner it hadn’t even crossed my mind. So when one of the big chickens “the big girls” as I like to call them picked on one of my little chickens “the little girls” I decided it was time to separate them!

As I was now a little wsmall backyard chicken coopiser about the height limitations one needed to take into consideration when finding a coop to house your Silkies I set out to find the perfect pen for my little girls to call home.

Check out my top picks for the best backyard chicken coops for your Silkie chickens.

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